Chinze Ojobo, inspiring the next generation of Nigerian women in visual arts career

Chinze Ojobo

Over the years the  visual arts industry has been male dominated across the world. If asked to name the art world greats, most people will start mentioning the names of male artists. In the new age of gender balance women like Chinze Ojobo is not just creating a buzz in the industry, but promoting women’s participation in visual artworks in Nigeria.

Chinze Ojobo has just been elected President of the Female Artists Association of Nigeria (FEAAN).

FEAAN aims at identifying talented Nigerian female artists, to encourage them in their different skills as professionals, to foster a sense of pride, and to encourage her members to continue practicing.

Chinze is the first female artist to organise art exhibitions in Nigeria.

In 2016, Chinze designed  the ‘Unfinished Business’, an iconic artwork which was an exhibition at the National Museum, Onikan, Lagos. The exhibition seeks to reposition the place of the girl-child vis-à-vis her inalienable rights as a human-being.

She also the organized recently, ‘Inspiration of Ages’  art exhibition which depicted the plight of the ‘Girl-Child’ and the need to give them hope and a future.

Chinze is a multi-talented Nigerian artist who studied Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Chinze has travelled extensively to cities around the world such as: Accra, Paris, London, Washington DC, California, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Istanbul, Guangzhou and Plovdiv.

She has been able to absorb the art and culture of these diverse environments, giving her experiences that have greatly enhanced her limitless repertoire and creative energy. Chinze also studied Interior design in the USA. She also has two post graduate diplomas in Public Relations and Advertising and Business administration.



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